"05" is an unwilling assassin who is controlled by "Reap", an artificial intelligence which has developed a murderous consciousness. To stop himself from killing people against his will, 05 has to find a way to break free from Reap's control and stop his plans.


Updates at least every other week, preferrably on Sundays. I love to take my time creating the pages (I take about 6-7 hours in total working on a page, and that's barely the free time i have for a week) so updates will be quite slow. Rest assured, this manga will be 99.9% colored ^___^


Since I'm a self-taught artist, I don't know if my art style is what you would call a manga, but I prefer to call it that way lol..

The art will vary a lot because I'm experimenting with different styles and techniques. Please bear with the mediocre quality, it will get better over time I promise (:


I've got the story planned out, which will span 5 chapters, at least 25 pages each...


Reap can also be found HERE




lol I s*ck at html codes